Post Hurricane Update

We are grateful to you who have trusted and supported us all of these years. Without that we would not be here today. The best part of doing business here at Island Tropical are the relationships formed and friends earned along the way. We are preparing for the future. It's been amazing to see our employees learn and grow in new positions, planting their fresh ideas into our company. In addition to our personnel, we have improved our technology in order to be more efficient for you. Hurricane Irma gave us the opportunity to rebuild our loading areas and now we are ready for Spring 2018! So we are taking the month of November to say Thank You for everything and we hope to hear from you soon. We would love to discuss your needs so give us a call at: 305 245 0010!

Current November Availability


Island Tropical Foliage

We are a 30 acre nursery located in Homestead, Florida. We work with a wide variety of customers in the U.S. and Caribbean, providing wholesale plants, trees, and nursery supplies to retail garden centers, landscapers and landscape architects, home builders, commercial and residential builders, developers, hotels and resorts, and plant brokers. We’ve built a reputation for high quality and excellent customer service. Thank you for visiting our website! We warmly welcome you, and hope you’ll contact us with any questions you may have, or to request a quote for your next order.

Featured plants for November 2017: Wart ferns, Jamaican Caper & Succulents Assorted including Aloes, Agaves And Echeverias

Wart Fern is a low grower that gives a unique texture to the garden. This fern is fairly slow growing, which makes it a perfect ground cover. It prefers moist and well drained soil, it does not appreciate direct light and does best in full or partial shade. Capparis Cynophallophora, commonly known as Jamaican Caper" is a small tree in the Caper family that is extremely drought resistant. It's native range includes Florida (in the USA), Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America as far south as northern Argentina. We have expanded our Agave and Succulents section, now we have them in many more varieties and sizes.

We look forward to serving you. Please give us a call or email us with your needs and thank you for visiting our website.