Visit us at the 2017 T.P.I.E. January 18th-20th, BOOTH #610.

Spring is right around the corner and we are ready. Our office and farm had a 2017 makeover from the inside out. We have blooming Hibiscus, Mandevilla, Dipladenia, Tibouchina and so much more. Click on our 'Current Availabilty' below with pictures. Don't forget to check out our 'Projected Spring Availability'. Stop by the farm for a tour, we have a lot to show you. Give Larry, Gloria, Madaline,Lilian or Jorge a call if you have any questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Current January Availability


Island Tropical Foliage

We are a 30 acre nursery located in Homestead, Florida. We work with a wide variety of customers in the U.S. and Caribbean, providing wholesale plants, trees, and nursery supplies to retail garden centers, landscapers and landscape architects, home builders, commercial and residential builders, developers, hotels and resorts, and plant brokers. We’ve built a reputation for high quality and excellent customer service. Thank you for visiting our website! We warmly welcome you, and hope you’ll contact us with any questions you may have, or to request a quote for your next order.

Other plants for January 2017: Dianella tasmanica 'Blue Berry Flax Lily', Codiaeum variegatum 'Croton Petra' & Yucca filamentosa 'Colorguard', 'Adam's Needle.

*Dianella tasmanica'Blue Berry Flax Lily' thrives in the coastal sun but can grow in partial shade. This grass like perennial is cold hardy and will take temperatures down to 20-25 degrees. Their growth can reach 2-3' and flower in the spring and produce oblong blue-berries in the summer. They provide a good source of color in any landscape setting.*Crotons come in many different colors. The Croton Petra is an evergreen shrub with large, thick, leathery, shiny leaves. In tropical climates, crotons make attractive hedges and potted patio specimens, valued for their striking foliage. In colder climates, the plants are grown in greenhouses or as house plants.*Yucca filamentosa 'Adam's Needle' are found in Zones 5-10. They are grown in light, dry to medium well drained soils in full sun. They are tolerant of poor, sandy soils and surprisingly tolerant to partly shady areas. This showy broadleaf evergreen attracts butterflies too. It is native to beaches and sand dunes and has no serious insect or disease problems.

We look forward to serving you. Please give us a call or email us with your needs and thank you for visiting our website.