Introducing Acalypha "Roxanne"

This new Acalypha will surprise you. The green and yellow variegation will have splashes of red and pink that will keep your customers and gardens surprised. Who is Roxanne? That's my Mom, 89 years old and the reason I'm in this world. She's still strong and surprising just like this variety!

Current February Availability


Island Tropical Foliage

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Featured plants for January 2018: Ernodea Littoralis, Byrsonima Lucida and Cissus Incisa

Ernodea Littoralis or beach creeper is a native from South Florida mostly used as ground cover in dry open areas along the coast. Is a high drought tolerant that does not require any supplemental water once established. Byrsonima Lucida, also known as clam cherry, gooseberry, locust berry and Long Key locustberry is a species of plant in the Malpighaceae family. It is endemic to the Islands in the Caribbean and to the U.S state of Florida. It is a shrub or small tree and produces pink flowers. Cissus Incisa or Marine Ivy is a rapid-growing semi-evergreen vine that belongs to the grape family. It grows in open woods and salt marshes throughout the state of Florida from where it's native. It grows 12 feet long from tuberous roots and semi-woody base.

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